Water Balancer

  • Key Features
    • 30 Servings
    • Relieves discomfort of bloating caused by water retention
    • Improves liver function
    • Mild laxative properties that promotes digestion
    • Flushes out toxins
    • Natural ingredients
    • Reduces the feeling of tiredness
    • Can help to reduce high blood pressure
    • Look less puffy
    Bloating can often be caused by the salt in our diet, particularly from fried and processed food, alcohol and fizzy drinks. Excess water can make you feel sluggish, bloated and look puffy.

    Controlled water loss brings your body back to normal levels of hydration and reduces fluid retention for greater weight loss and fitness results.
    Our water loss product contains natural ingredients which are gentle and safe for your system.  When a water loss supplement is used responsibly it will provide a greater benefit to reducing high blood pressure in the process.
  • Per Serving (3 capsules)
    Dandelion Extract 250mg
    Kola Nut 250mg
    Junipier Extract 250mg
    Green Coffee Bean Extract 250mg
    Potassium 250mg
    Rose Hip Extract 50mg
    Guarana 50mg
    Celery Seed 50mg
    Nettle Root 50mg
    Bucha Leaf 50mg

    Other ingredients:

    Flowing Agent (starch) Cellulose (Vcaps capsules)

    Allergen Information: Contains no major allergens.

    Contains Caffeine

  • How to Use Take

    3 capsules first thing in the morning or 30-40 minutes before training . Take up to 2 servings per day and drink a minimum of 2 litres of water. DO NOT EXCEED STATED DOSE. DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT OR BREAST FEEDING

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