Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the Affiliate page.

If you are a personal trainer, retailer, beautician, blogger, influencer, rising social media star or website owner looking for an additional income stream, then our affiliate programme is perfect for you.

How Does the Affiliate Programme Work?

The FitChick affiliate programme rewards you for promoting our products and for the sales that you refer to our website.

All you need to do is promote FitChick.  This can be via your website, social media, blog YouTube channel or just by telling your friends, colleagues or clients.

By joining our programme we'll provide you with a unique link to our website and your very own coupon code.  Every time someone clicks on the link or uses the code and makes a purchase you get a percentage of the sale.

We pick, pack and ship the orders to your customers and take care of any customer service issues.  You don't have to carry stock, there are no upfront costs and we provide you with sales and marketing material completely free of charge to help you generate a great income.

Why do we Have an Affiliate Programme?

We have lots of customers who recommend our products because they are raving fans and this is our way of rewarding them for telling other people how great our products are and the results they have had with them.

Can Anyone Join?

Our Affiliate Programme is open to anyone that loves our products and wants to tell people about them.  Whether you are a personal trainer, active on social media, write a blog, run a health and fitness website or you are a gym or beauty salon looking for extra revenue.

How do I Get Started?

Register and log in.  Its as easy as that.

Once you're set up you'll receive a personalised web link and a unique coupon code (you can even choose your own) and you can start promoting our products straight away.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

That's completely up to you.  There is absolutely no limit but of course your income potential is dependant upon your sales.

We offer some great incentives for additional sales made, so the more customers you refer, the more your commission can increase. 

How do I Get Paid?

We'll pay your commission monthly through PayPal so you'll need a PayPal account. 

What if I don't have a Website or use Social Media?

We can provide you with personalised promotional cards and marketing collateral to support you. These will come printed  with your own unique code that they use at the checkout of our website.

Personal Trainers, gyms, hairdressers, beauticians and spas find this really useful.  No stock, no overheads, just easy commission to earn.


Register here to become a FitChick UK Affiliate