Matcha Green Tea

  • Key Features
    • 30 Servings
    • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
    • Increases metabolic rate of the body
    • Detoxifies
    • Contains anti ageing properties
    • Concentrated source of amino acids in easy to swallow capsule
    • Supports the immune system
    • Exceptional grade ceremonial Matcha quality
    • Potent single serving equivalent to 10 cups of brewed green tea
    • No artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives

    Unique to Japan Matcha is a premium green tea powder used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for 100s of years or as an ingredient in recipes.
    Matcha has many health benefits, being rich in antioxidants, nutrients, fibre and chlorophyll.
    It is known to relax the mind so is a great mood enhancer and can contribute to preventing premature ageing.  It doesn’t put any strain on the body so doesn’t raise blood pressure or heart rate.

  • Per Serving (3 capsules)
    Matcha Green Tea 1500mg

    Other ingredients:

    Flowing Agent (starch) Cellulose (Vcaps capsules)

  • How to Use

    Take 3 capsules a day with water during the day.

    Recommended dose do not exceed more than 2 servings per day.

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